The twins are growing up!


IT’S BEEN EIGHT YEARS since the daily pages took note of how fast the twins are growing up. Time flies faster for us than it does in the Phantom universe. Even so, Kit and Heloise are overdue for a starring role in the dailies.

We’ve talked it over here at Phantom Central—editor Brendan Burford and I—and we think it’s time for the Walker family to start thinking seriously about launching the twins into young adulthood. Look for stories on the big decisions they face by the summer of next year.

For a preview of the themes we’ll be developing, take a look at “The Jungle Trek” story published in 2006. There, the Phantom surprised the twins by taking them on an impromptu adventure into the wilds of Bangalla. He tested their courage and ability to think clearly in the face of the unexpected, and to improvise solutions. (The operative dates in the Comics Kingdom archives are January 16, 2006 through May 13, 2006.)


The twins have a climbing adventure on a 200-meter rock wall. They lose their nerve when they can’t see their father up ahead anymore. Their safety lines go slack and he stops answering when they call up to him.


Next up, a solo adventures for Kit…


… then one for Heloise


The Phantom ended “The Jungle Trek” feeling good about how the twins will fare as they face the tests that lie ahead for them.


Life is about to take a very big turn for Kit and Heloise as they prepare for young adulthood. Stay tuned!

Tony DePaul, February 17, 2014, Rhode Island, USA



12 thoughts on “The twins are growing up!

  1. This sounds very interesting, its good to see them ‘growing up’ and not just bickering teenagers fighting over who will be the better 22nd Phantom. Looking forward to it.

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  4. My assumption has always been that, at some point, the Twins will be heading for College. It’s what the Current Phantom did whn He was their age.
    In fact, it was at School in the US that he met Dianna.
    (I used to Own a copy of the Novel “Son of the Phantom” that detailed his journey into adulthood.)
    I look forward to seeing the twins come into their own.
    For Instance, is Heloise going to follow her Father or her Mother in her choice of career?
    Will Heloise opt for a career in the Jungle Patrol or other Law Enforcement organization?
    Or, will the Twins decide to form some sort of Partnership and both end up working as their father’s agents?
    So many possibilites …

    • “In fact, it was at School in the US that he met Dianna.”
      Depends on which storyline you follow. According to the daily strips (D001, The Singh Brotherhood), Diana has never set her eyes on The Phantom, before he rescues her from Achmed Singh’s men, onboard the SS Trotter.

  5. I’d enjoy seeing a “Split” when the Twins go off to school with a separate set of stories chronicling their educational careers.
    At the Current time, Heloise seem the more Mature of the twins while Kit seems to be Fighting against “Growing Up”.

    I hope we get lots more “Phantom & Family” story.
    Dianna also gets Neglected. Would she accompany the Twins on their first foray into higher Education and Prep School?

    • You are so Right. Kit has, of late, been acting downright Childish at times.
      Which is, sadly, rather Normal for 15 year old boys.
      I look forward to seeing him grow Out of it as things progress.

      There is the interesting question of just how the Twins are going to adjust to the possible Separation if they end up in different schools.
      They are very used to being an inseparable Pair.

      Plus, in separate schools, they will have to find new people to compete against.
      Both of them being Olympic (or Better) quality athletes, they are not going to find may “peers” on the physical level.
      And, I suspect that on the Academic/Mental level, they are going to find some interesting challenges, too. For the first time, they will be confronted with people who CAN compete or even Best them on an intellectual level because that is what the Best Schools & Colleges Select for: Genius level Brains.
      The Twins are going to have an interesting journey over the next few years.

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