3 thoughts on “April 8, 2018

  1. step 1) reach up
    step 2) grab head and don’t release
    step 3) lift off snake
    Keep holding the head and it CAN’T bite you (besides: the fangs are toward the back and it has to open its mouth REAL wide to unfold ’em – h/t wikipedia). It’s NOT like it’s gonna sting you with it’s TAIL, or anything. And THEN chomp it.
    (Artists: good work with the double-frame! (i like wide artwork))

    • I like this artwork too. There’s a lot of detail that other artists would disregard as unnecessary or unnoticed… like the indentations and markings on the gun as the Phantom draws it from the holster. As well as the stitching on the holster and the suede texture under the holster flap. Each individual panel must have taken hours to draw.

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