3 thoughts on “December 12, 2018

  1. Daily Phantom strip in newspaper.

    I want to say what a spectacular Phantom Heloise Walker is. She is better than her father, Kit, because she captured the Nomad where her father couldn’t. She kept me on the edge of my seat the whole story, making me wonder when the males would swoop in and rescue her, but they never did. Heloise is better than her father the current Phantom, in her youth, her tenacity, and her presence on the page. I have never been so enthralled by a Phantom story as I have with her.

    When no males came to rescue Heloise, she crashed a plane in suburbia, disabled the Nomad, got a cop to take the credit for the capture, and avoided getting shot by the cop. She is the jungle girl, who looks deceptively vulnerable, and made people think she was less than what she is.

    Heloise Walker is the Phantom, and the best female new character in comics and I’m talking the big two in Marvel and DC. So congratulations Lee for creating this fabulous character, that has kept me enthralled the whole time in her story. I cut out all the strips and kept them because I feel they will become classics.

    Well done Lee.

  2. You… you mean after ALL that adventure (since 7/2/18) we don’t get a bit of Heloise-detox time? I was looking forward to getting away from jungle and city to spend some time in the Himalayas after that littlle teaser you just gave us.

  3. It is not difficult to see where this is going.

    No, just no. The character of The Phantom is itself a really far out concept, especially the ridiculous outfit/costume; but, to head into a new direction with a Female Phantom is ludicrous.

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