3 thoughts on “December 8, 2018

  1. Well, now I know that Young Kit is doing okay.
    He’s having adventures of his own.
    He’s thinking of family & home.
    He has concerns, but need to let them take care of themselves.
    Now back to the Heloise story line. I would like to know she gets back to the campus okay or to someone/some place safe. Am sure Older Kit has someone watching her and would be there semi-quick if she needed help. Even though it looked like she can take care of herself.
    Keep up the great work. Stories are good and interesting to read.

  2. Oh, she had an appearance from 6/11-6/21 and then a good long run from 7/2-11/10 which ended with a ‘to be continued’ – that should be enough for her and now it’s time to give the other kid a chance. His last run was from 6/27/2016 11/2/2016.

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