7 thoughts on “February 1, 2018

  1. That may be true, Locust… but that doesn’t excuse YOUR part in what happened. I refuse to believe that those kids were already lost. They would have changed if they had the chance. Savior Z was long gone, but at least there was a chance for them. A chance you cost them. Forever.

  2. the kids choose once again to (literally) blindly follow savior z instead of heeding the phantom. locust created the circumstances but did not force them to follow the false prophet tragic but true

  3. Somebody has to call the police. There are bodies to be taken to the morgue, find next of kin for identifying the bodies . Who is going to pay for the cleanup?

    • If one of the kids landed on top of a kid underneath there could possibly be a survivor. Someone has to check all of those bodies and issue death certificates for the dead and medical attention for any survivors.

      And HURRY!!!

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