5 thoughts on “February 12, 2018

  1. WHAT?!? No clean up?
    Eight bodies at the base of Walker’s Table.
    I know the animals that happens by won’t mind a nibble or two, but the stink for a few weeks.
    OR … what is ‘Dustoff’?

    • No stink if no one is there. It is in a desolate desert area and the Locust needs sustainment to live for another time. Time for Kit to get off the table and back home.

        • Pilot: “WTF, yo?”
          Bosco: “Dunno – I wuz sleepin’ an’ I guess they all run out to howl at the dawn, or something. I woke up an’ OMG!”
          Pilot: “Oh-kay… We left, an’ they promised they was gonna leave. Deal?”
          Bosco: “Deal.”

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