2 thoughts on “February 13, 2019

  1. I got it – she’s a double agent: appearing innocent to Blondie & family but REALLY ‘in’ on dear ‘ol Dad’s plans (since he was already connecting Blondie to LL and ‘Walker’ who kind of screwed him back in 2011/2012 – see http://thephantomcomics.com/comics/november-1-2015/ for a reference). So I’ll betcha she’s in the process of ‘snapping’ now – she was hypnoed by queer ‘ol Dad to trigger if anything happened to himself and THIS is the time since she’s super-close to Bosco, Blondie, and LL (notice how she’s hanging-back from LL & Blondie).

    Either THAT or, being in NYC, Bosco’s just seen Spiderman webbing-around after the Green Goblin or something.

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