3 thoughts on “February 15, 2019

  1. WHAT are you calling LL for? HE hung her out back on http://thephantomcomics.com/comics/january-30-2019/ .

    OKay: she’s climbing over the edge and everybody who thinks they’re something is in the copter – so there’s no logical way they SHOULD be able to get to her in time but, then again, they are “They-with-a-capital-T” – maybe they can teleport short distances!

    Or maybe Madam Apparatchik or Bosco’s newest fan (the guard) can nail her in time?

  2. It’s alright! She’s just taking in the sights one last time & is going for a closer look (contrary to my comment from the other day)…or Of course she going to jump! I agree with sol, LL left her high & dry with few options, but maybe this was their plan all along.

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