5 thoughts on “February 16, 2019

  1. Good cliffhanger for the weekend! Something important was caught by the rotor wash and Katia was just looking over the ledge to find it.

    • Y’know… now SOMEONE is going to have to explain that splat on the sidewalk that’s wearing the SAME CLOTHES as the girl the Federales were cheated out of grabbing the other day… That’s not gonna be fun, but it ought to be entertaining.

      Does being a (albeit new) Flag Admiral get her a state military funeral now?

  2. Her “despairing answer” for his “legacy of evil”? Pfft. THEY pretty much did everything they could to downgrade her, even to ‘third-person’-ing her while she was standing right there, while they went about their chummy conversations – could you possibly beat the •••• out of her any better than THAT (considering all that’d just happened to her)?

    Anyways, Stuart’s right – she didn’t kill herself: after all, she wouldn’t have left her BAG behind! 😀

    GREAT use of the two double-frames, capturing each one’s reactions AND giving them their proper order of who’s-where in the moment!

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