3 thoughts on “February 26, 2019

  1. What do you mean, Michael? The page comes up fine for me.

    Wha’cha gonna do, Bosco? Step outside and ring-punch the armament they’ve got hanging off of their helicopter? Or maybe BLAM ’em? If you’re not outside of US sovreign airspace yet, and you DEFINITELY ain’t driving ‘Airwolf’ (remember that show? terrible show. But Ernest Borgnine was, of course, great in everything he did.) then you better nod, make OKAY-OKAY motions, and turn around. LL’s just good for bluffing, MAYBE you could throw Blondie into their rotor(!), but I’M kind of betting the international terrorist’s lambie-pie li’l daughter would be a good thing to dump as soon as you’re wheels-down…

    • Sol, Every few days the page does not load at all or it loads the previous day’s strip. It takes until the afternoon or even the next day to get the strip.
      Airwolf and Knight Rider, not my favorites. But I liked Borgenine too…

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