4 thoughts on “January 21, 2019

  1. YES!
    But the last panel doesn’t say ‘Next – New Adventure’.
    So there is more for this story line.
    Will Heloise be able to put her story in the chronicles? Even if she just narrates it and Kit writes it in the book.
    One Big Bad Guy down. (I think, who knows as of yet.)

    • The chronicles can come later. The Next Big Thing is going to have to be What Do We Do With Kadia? They CAN’T bring The Enemy’s Daughter back to Skull Cave for ANY reason – friend or no. And she DOES presumably still have Imara somewhere (if not dead already). So the next thing to clear up should be “Let’s Find Mom”
      (meanwhile, at least, she’s stopped clicking her heels together – “There’s no place like Cave; there’s NO place like Cave!”).

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