9 thoughts on “January 27, 2018

  1. Notice the positions of the skull ring. It changes hands through this storyline. It is on the right hand here but it was on the left hand on 1/24. There is only one ring in the legend so it can’t be on both hands at one time.

    • Um no – actually there are TWO rings. Remember when he had amnesia and had left them under a tree and the kids found them? One is the skull and the other is the cross-emblem.

    • (I’ve really got to write a script to pull and date all the images – it’s a pain referencing history on this site) Does anybody keep a list of starting-dates for the various stories?

      Anyway, here’s the date while he was head-crazy and fantasizing he gave his rings to his son…
      …when in reality he just dropped them there and they were found at a later date. Two rings.

      • So it is, my apologies to you sol, since I am a newbie to the comics by computer. I used to read ‘The Phantom’ in comic book form when I was in high school and occasionally afterwards.

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