3 thoughts on “January 3, 2019

    • That’s pretty clever and funny… but… HOW!! gd long has this Storyline been running? Coming up on
      2 Years!!! Why? And when did even 3! God forbid 4 panel strips disappear? Story possibly could move along more quickly?!?

      • Lots of readers don’t remember history, so I like to bring things up as I can. Thanks!

        It IS a long one – I was disappointed that they didn’t run with Junior in the mountains for more than the little bit they did – but I guess the artists like drawing chests and legs more than…him. 🙂 And they HAVE done it quite well!

        The artwork IS a lot richer than it used to be, and I think squashing-in a fourth frame in a one-high format WOULD be pushing it somewhat. It’s hard to do three and keep the quality in the scope of the field-of-view (I still maintain I like the occasional one-frame panels when they’ve got a lot of elements in them).

        I think ‘briarson’ first came up in June 2016, and there HAVE been other bits interposed in the storyline, so it HASN’T quite been ‘all-Helly-all-the-time’, so I guess that’s why *I* was hoping for some more of Junior’s adventures since HIS storyline is about two-years-gone now. But – true, this Helly adventure HAS had a few slow periods in it.

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