4 thoughts on “July 12, 2018

  1. “…his battles with the murderous Nomad.” EVERY time we’ve seen Bosco shoot at something, he hits it no matter how improbable the shot is. But with Eric: no, nothing, no hits. WTF?
    How long is Helly standing out there for this? Do they think she went to the head? Skipped-out on the bill? We NEED to know these things!

  2. Will she believe him? It is so incredulous that the Nomad is with her and she is getting an earful from her faraway father. She is a teen and they don’t do well with parental advice.

    • Remember: she apparently hasn’t yet told Bosco with whom she’s out on the town – the first thing she did was immediately lay-into him for skyping with her from the cave. Next:
      1) she’ll tell him, and he’ll have a stroke. “Paging Doctor Guran!* (* in the Bandar tongue)
      2) she’ll freak, go confront Eric, and royally BLOW this whole thing sky-high (with MORE comic trauma-and-drama for us).

      Taking any bets?

      • I was thinking more of a hybrid of those two: she tells him (probably prefaced with “no wonder I got a bad vibe off of him”), then starts tailing Eric so that Bosco can catch up for the final showdown (and complications during the tailing results in trauma-and-drama).

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