3 thoughts on “July 3, 2018

  1. being too dumb to walk-away from a bad situation isn’t necessarily YOUR fault – your whole family is like that, so it must be genetic

      • he freaked her out the first time they met (via skype(?)), and again on the phone, and again in-person, and now while they’re wandering around together. If something SEEMS wrong (especially with parents like hers who get involved in all kinds of stuff, a sibling off on a mysterious educational gig, and family friends like Leon, Narda, Lothar, Honjo, Lamanda &wife, Guran, Mozz, the Jungle Munchkins, ‘Shipkiller’ Savarna, the Croccos, et.al.) can you really wonder WHY she shouldn’t get twitchy when her ‘spider senses’ start tingling?

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