3 thoughts on “June 7, 2017

  1. Enough with the dream sequence, get to it!! Tell him or drop it! Enough with the in decision, tell him !!
    been reading the Phantom for 65 years, love it so lets get on with the action!!
    I drove a Phantom and loved the name because of the strip, planes with a powerful name inspire the aviators flying them!!

  2. Does he Phantom snore or have acid reflux? Just wondering as raising the bed 7 – 10 degrees or sleeping propped up greatly helps and the Phantom appears to be sleeping almost sitting up with those pillows behind him.

  3. >”No! I DIDN”T tell him!”<
    "…zzzZZZzzz… wtf? huh? didn’t tell who him what?”
    “Sorry Honey, didn’t tell you Mozz saw you dead. I… oops, oh damn… Nevermind. Go back to sleep – you’re dreaming.”
    “oh… m’kay… …zzzZZZzzz…”

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