2 thoughts on “March 10, 2019

  1. Oh, Dear …
    They’ve changed Diana again!
    Get use to her drawn one way for 3-5-7 years, then new artist come in and yuck. WHO IS THAT in the middle of the bottom panel??? (GREEN EYE, people!)
    Also the Phantom’s smile reminds me of the ‘RAT’ from the last adventure. Those faces (Kit and the Rat) are sooooo far apart from one another. But there he is poking out from the grave … or the hidden tomb.
    Well, I’ll have to watch how these story lines unfold and how things are drawn. But I will miss the Diana I was uses to.

    • Definitely a different style. The first thing I noticed is that the Sunday Phantom has a dimple on his chin while the daily Phantom has a cleft chin.

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