9 thoughts on “March 5, 2019

  1. He had better have a good reason for calling Justin Trudeau instead of Donald Trump. Why make a simple comic strip political? I want to see the Phantom punch people and leave skull marks. I am not interested in seeing him call a Canadian Prime Minister to rescue an African girl from corrupt or embarrassed United States intelligence agencies implying that our President coudn’t or wouldn’t help.

    • Politics is maybe much more than we think. It will be a simple comic strips, but the truth is that politics (something that, believe it or not, defines our lives every day) is -or can be- an inexhaustible source of great and memorable stories, as well as an interesting way of thinking about our reality, fiction or not. Well, it`s just an opinion. Greetings!

  2. Hey, hey, hey everybody – remember: it’s a comic strip; it’s fiction. The (remote) possibility of a trudeau (EITHER trudeau) actually having been helpful to anyone aside from himself is completely within the bounds of fiction.

    • Thanks Sol. Made me laugh. Point taken. Still, they are pretty obviously saying that you can’t count on our country to protect the innocent. Not too subtle.

    • Thanks Sol. Point taken. Made me laugh. But it is no too subtle to imply that you can’t count on our country to protect the innocent.

  3. Wondering how much did Tru-doh! paid to get added to this strip? Yeah, he’ll get his friends from the Muslem Brotherhood to help!

  4. Comic strip story arcs should stand the test of time. Years from now when Trump and Trudeau are long forgotten, will this story still be meaningful? I think so. It’s enough for a reader to know that the Phantom enlisted the help of some Canadian official high-ranking enough to need bodyguards. WHO it actually is, isn’t really relevant.

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