3 thoughts on “March 9, 2018

  1. Well:
    1) his chasing for money is keeping your ungrateful [backside] in that snazzy school.
    2) you OUGHT to be more concerned about that constantly frowning, uncommunicative stranger acting detached from his own family, and wearing those [redacted] glasses.
    3) maybe you should write to daddy about him!

      • Hey – it IS just a comic, they’re not real y’know? Sarcasm, sometimes; what I consider playful snarking, more-often.

        Seriously: it is a VERY well-written and -drawn series, the plots are always interesting – it’s good to have several threads going-on simultaneously (Sunday, Bosco/Dianal, Heloise, Kit-of-the-mountains, the Greenies, et.al.).

        But keep the prize for continuing to read the comments – you could always ignore me for free and get nothing in return.

        Hi Writers: if I may ask, how about another Mandrake visit to the strip? We haven’t seen Leon/Narda/Lothar/Hojo since the kid’s party(?). Maybe they can help vanquish Sahara somehow?

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