4 thoughts on “November 6, 2018

  1. Yeah, kid; but HE always had a horse to ride away on and a place to hide in.
    YOU, on the other hand, have crashed a plane, gotten yourself on cameras, been recognized by cops & other gov’t thugs, and right now are a barely dressed blonde yelling at a cellphone, with two mooks behind you who’d probably like to ‘do’ things too, in what looks like the heroin-part of town. And neither of you has yet called the embassy/consulate/Luaga for help.

    • “…knew what to do… did it…”
      he secretly wanted to hear “you told me who he was, and I knew how dangerous he was, and how you felt about him, and I didn’t tell you I was with him, or where we were, because I wanted to ‘lone wolf’ it like you always do to show off to you that I’m as crime-fightin’ as you are”?

      (and for the moment we’ll not dwell on it that I’m ‘marked’ by the feds, and DEEEP in the crapper, and probably gonna be made to get intimate with that beer bottle if’n I don’t get away from those two grinning animals)

      “see how bad@$$ I am, daddy?”

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