3 thoughts on “October 14, 2018

  1. Lamanda! HOW ya been? Long time, buddy. And your wife? Good, my best to her.

    Now: about Heloise Walker – apparently you don’t know what’s been going on…?

    • UM … wrong story line …
      Sunday’s story line is different from Monday to Saturday’s story line.
      It’s the same Phantom and he has a daughter named Heloise, but it’s some random adventure.

      • Yah, I know that, but they’re all in the same world and the strip seems to have never done a weekend/weekday crossover so I’m just amusing myself.

        Lamanda knows Helly quite well – she and her brother did live with the Luagas for a while when her Mom was supposed to be dead but wasn’t (did you know that?) – and I just figured he’d jump to help her since she didn’t listen to me and call him back on 8/24 when the badge-thugs got a hold of her the first time. (Darned ‘4th wall’.)

        And, HAVEN’T Diana and Bosco woke up YET? They’ve been sleeping for the last two months (as of tomorrow)! 😀

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