4 thoughts on “October 16, 2017

  1. Whoa! Check your broad-brushing! They _may_ just be disillusioned hillary supporters looking for another blame-object…

    And, anyways, HE’s got guns.

  2. Okay then: Bernie-bots. I stand, corrected.

    Sure, their guns are bigger – but they didn’t know he was coming and didn’t know he has guns. And a toothy wolf, and a big lion and a white tiger, and a bunch of heavily-tanned spear-carrying Munchkins that blow sleepy-powder when they’re not shooting at locusts, and a troop of Greenies that take their orders from an empty safe, and kids who are still potentially in life threatening trouble, and Hero back in the jungle with Wife, and a cave-full of books and a collection of dead predecessors, and… …

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