2 thoughts on “September 2, 2018

  1. Back on the 19th he went over the windscreen and lost his right-hand gun. Frame 1 here the left-hand holster looks empty. Frame 4 here there’s a gun pulled from it. Let’s see what happens…

  2. The left hand gun is holstered in Frame 1, covered by that silly leather flap.

    The interesting thing here is Baldy. In frame 2 he is standing at a distant, behind the car probably. In Frame 5 he has walked to the front of the car, close by its side. In frame 6 he has moved to his left for no good reason and the artist has raised his left arm to make a line pointing to the right hand gun lying on the ground. In the “close-up” there are three lines by his left eye, the one the boss crook cannot see, and his dialog could be read as instructions to the Phantom.

    My guess is he thinks the boss is going to kill him after he kills the Phantom. Either he will kick the gun to the Phantom to take out the boss or dive for it and do the job himself, planning to kill the Phantom after that.

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