Everyone knows the fans in Australia are SUPER FANS when it comes to The Phantom. To celebrate the masked hero’s 80th Anniversary this year, King Features Australian agent, Merchantwise, staged a competition. Entrants had to purchase The Phantom 2016 Annual from Frew Publishing, and refer to the back inside cover ad to find out how to enter.

The big Prize Package, with a total retail value of $550, included:

  • Three (3) x 12 “ limited-edition Phantom statues
  • One (1) Funko pop vinyl Phantom
  • One (1) 3D hero lamp
  • One (1) 2016 collectible stamp pack

The Phantom 80th Anniversary CompetitionEntrants had to answer this question in 50 words or less: “Why do you still read the Phantom and how has the Phantom influenced your life?” They also had to send in a photo of their personal Phantom collection.

The single Major Prize winner has been chosen! Congratulations to  NOAH WARNEKEN!!!

The Phantom 80th Anniversary Competition WinnerAnd it’s no wonder. Check out his answer:

“I started liking Phantom comics when my pop gave me a copy of an old Phantom comic he had.

“Now I’m ADDICTED. I use my pocket money to buy them. They make me WANT to read (I didn’t like reading before) — I love THEM!!!!!!!!!”

Way to go, Noah!







Paul Ryan Tribute issue insideThe folks at Frew Publications in Australia have published The Phantom comic books since 1948. Following the untimely death in March of King Features artist Paul Ryan, the Frew crew decided to release a special tribute issue – in color – to commemorate the man and his artwork on the beloved comic.

Paul Ryan Tribute issue coverThe Paul Ryan Tribute (issue #1748) features what they call a Kiwi (back) Cover, which is pictured above. Frew will also issue a Signature Series version, new for 2016. One hundred copies of each new comic issue are reserved and will be signed by the cover artist. These Signature Series issues come sealed in a poly bag with a backer board and certificate of authenticity signed by the Frew Crew. Paul’s long-time writing partner, Tony DePaul, has agreed to sign the Signature Series covers for this Tribute issue.

Kudos to our friends Down Under at Frew!


New Fantasy Card Game Features The Phantom

The Phantom SKG artwork“The Ghost Who Walks” will soon walk a new path, thanks to the creative minds at Silly Kid Games, LLC. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign for their Golem Academy board game and a recent announcement to bring the cult classic film “The Warriors” to the tabletop gaming world, the company has done it again—recently entering into a licensing agreement with King Features Syndicate to give “The Phantom” his own go at game night.

The multi-player deck building game will explore the world of the crime-fighting hero who materializes from the shadows to rid the world of cruelty and injustice.

The game is currently in pre-production. Additional details and updates will be released on the Silly Kid Games website at www.sillykidgames.com, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the story at ICv2 here: http://fb.me/2m1yuvDu6